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Things are getting dangerous

frostyfaucet in redcrayon_logs


Character:  Ivan and Sephiroth
Time and Place: Abandoned Classes, may move 
Rating: TBA
Summary:  Ivan was summoned, so Ivan goes.
Warnings: TBA

It had been a few days after his rampage in the Gym, the mixture of so many sleepless nights and so much physical exertion had finally gotten the Russian into a peaceful slumber. A very peaceful slumber, so peaceful in fact he'd only just woken up- the impact of his lover on the bed rousing him from a hazy, dreamless doze.

It had been a shock as he was notified on the date, at first thinking the other should get some rest before being directed to a calender, which proved the other to be quite right in his musings, but he had little time to worry about that before the other got up to make something to eat for the both of them, the Russian letting the shower run as he checked on the networks.

Private to Ivan Braginsky;

Apparently my office has bugs that I was not aware of. It makes me wonder just how much Shin-Ra has been listening in.

Meet me in the abandoned building on the top floor to discuss both your recent behaviour re. the gym, and the current level of medication.
-General Sephiroth.

He felt a lump rise to his thoat as he closed the laptop quickly, putting it by the bed before moving towards the bathroom, checking the water of the shower before heading towards the bed once more, pulling out the box from under it that Sephiroth had given him for the mako shots, looking at how many he had left. For some reason he'd been given the next months shots, even if the general and told him to stop treatment, and this may have been all he was getting until then if at all... He doubed Sephiroth would give him any more after this but... 

He'd appeal, he couldn't just... take this stuff away from him- he needed it now, he was dependant, even he couldn't deny that anymore- hell, he hadn'thad it for just a few days and he could already feel the difference, how much weaker he was for it... no, he needed this, and the other should have known that, would know that, DID know that... This was obviously just one way the bastard got his kicks, expecting the Russian to beg and plead like an addict, roll over like a dog.

Like hell he was ANYONES dog- he wasn'tgoing to let Becca's little assumption of him be proved correct- he was still what he'd always been, and he'd prove it...

But first he had to clean himself up and eat- he was actually starting to feel peckish, putting the box away before getting showered and going downstairs.

Breakfast went quickly enough, the Russian being told that he was wanting to be spoken to, his skin paling slightly as the words sunk in for a second time- how did Francis know? He was sure that message had been public, and had not bothered to check the others further down the list. He finished eating, changing his clothes as he did so- his school uniform was nowhere in sight, so he dressed in what he wore before attaining it. It almost felt odd to wear it one more, staving from putting the coat for a few moments before going back to the box under his bed, pulling it out and preparing a needle.

He had missed at least three shots, minus that day, so that made four- The Russian taking the vibrant fluid from each vial carefully. There was no way on Gods green earth that the hypodermic was going to hold more than two shots, so this needle was taking two trips- there was nopoint dirtying two of them- he had to pay for those himself afterall. He flexed, bringing then vein closer to the surface, the skin soft as the metal punctured it quickly, the fold of his arm becomming quite accustomed to this little ritual now it seemed.

The first double shoot was dizzying- the rush hitting quickly through his lack of mako in his system, his body so stimulated it was quick hard to set up his second, his fingers trembling with his heartbeat, the sound of the blood rushing through his body audible and almost visible to him as it pulsed through his veins, yet he wasn't panicked, but not too relaxed- he was calm, and soon enough his fingers behaved and the second shot was readied. His thoughts quick and his mind clear as he flexed his arm again.

Damn, this was almost like heroin.

The second shot was slightly uncomforting, his heatbeat doubling as the chemical ran rampant through his body- his sight became pinpoint and tunneled and his hearing did the opposite- he could hear the other downstairs, the water in the pipes- hell, he was even sure he could hear some of the people in the courtyard of the academy if he focused hard enough. His body tensed, barely keeping itself from contorting as the chemicals raged and carried themselves to the brain and the rest of his organs, the motion making them tangibly cease for a minute, two minutes, three minutes... 

It seemed like an eternity before the nation was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, his body finally feeling once more like it was back in his control, the calmness once again taking centrepoint as he put the equipment back into the box and putting it back under his bed- he could dispose of the containers and needles he didn'tneed later, when the doctors clinic was open (and empty, as it usually was).

He rolled down his sleeve and put on his coat, giving him arm one last flex before heading out, still unsure as to what could happen- he brought his guns, both nicely hidden under his coat, and there was something of a morbid hope that he'd have to use them- it had been a while since he'd actually had some one worthy to fire them at...

No... Anya would not approve- none of them would. He had to behave himself, at least a little.

He made his way to the abandoned teaching building, feeling his fists clench as he ascended the stairs- he wish he'd brought his faucet, even ifwasjustto be something of a security blanket. He had plenty of those though, his hands almost absently going to his scarf, holding the fabric gently just in front of his face as he carried on up past the second floor.

It didn't take much longer for the Russian to get to the others meeting place, still slightly unsure what was going to happen- the Russian wasn't an idiot- if there had been bugs in the others room one of them would have heard them, he would have heard them- there were no bugs, he was certain of that... And why here? Why these buidlings.

It was true that no one came here- he'd picked out the same building for the exact same reasons when he had kidnapped Becca but... Why so high up? No one could hear them from the second floor, or the first, the building was too far away to hear them.

Three floors is a longer way to fall Vanya~

"Anya-" He froze as his gaze fell to his side, to a small teenager with auburn curls. There was little emotion, just a small glance upwards before she moved, running out and around the corner. He followed with little hesitation, his words catching in his throat as he copied her otion, rounding the corner to see the General waiting for him. He slowed to a stop for a moment, before continuing forward, his steps now more formulated and his gait far less likely to give the general any indications of his mood, his suspicion and, most importantly, the fact he was armed.

"You wanted to see me sir?" 

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He recieved the message stating that Ivan would turn up and nodded quietly to himself. If the boy was capable of that level of destruction with no reason, well, he'd have to put a stop to him. If he had a reason for his behaviour then he would have to play it by ear.

Closing his eyes, he released a soft breath, almost disappointed, he had thought better of the Russian, he had shown such signs of promise, but perhaps it was true after all, that amount of mako was not meant for any human. Still, there was no time for regrets. Lips pursing together into a straight line he readied himself for a possible battle, Masamune in its sheath, materia firmly embedded within both the sword and his shoulder pads. He took one more breath and headed out of the door to wait.

The moment he saw Ivan moving along the corridors he schooled his expression into the one he wore for all his meetings, impassive and uncaring, his emerald green eyes flickering softly even as he nodded in response to the others question.

"Yes Mr Braginsky. In here please."

He led the way into one of the rooms, closing the door the moment the Russian had entered. Kept his own back to the door to ensure that no matter what happened, Mr Braginsky would not be leaving the room without his own sayso.

"Explain your actions."
He followed as he was led, giving a small glance here and there to see exactly where they were heading. The passed the room where he tortured Becca, the images coming quite quickly to mind as he thought on it, shaking his head to free himself of unneeded feelings as they passed that particular doorway.

He had to stay focused.

Sephiroth finally stopped, the student stopping a couple of steps after, the other now looking at him with a halfmasked scrutiny- he knew the look, and he could see the man looking him over- he would be doing the same afterall.

"Explain your actions."

How was he meant to explain himself? Nothing he could say would pose a good light on him, but he doubted standing in silence watching his feet like a child trying to hide something was going to do that either- He might as well tell the other the truth... while putting as much blame as he could on sleep deprivation rather than his temper as possible.

A Constructed truth was just as good as any other.

"I was tired and angry." He half confessed, scuffing the toe of his boot on the floor "About alot of things, so I went into the gym to try and loosen some tension. But the gym equipment would not hold and..." He looked away for a moment, and then back to his superior "I had a lapse of judgment, and I am sorry, I was tired and it was better it happened then than later, yes?"

He gave the other a deep bow, raising his head to give the othr eyecontact, a habit that was perhaps, at this time, a bad idea. His quadrupled dose was still coursing through his bloodstream, and it was most obvious through his gaze that it was doing so, his eyes almost at a glow.
"A lapse of judgement?" One eyebrow raised slightly. "Had you merely seen fit to break one or two things I might have agreed with you on that... but to scrawl all over the mirrors in blood? That was nothing short of idiotic."

His tone was curt, each word clipped at its end.

"As far as happening now rather than later. I would not even like to think what would happen if..."

He trailed off as his gaze met the others, his own eyes narrowing at what he saw. Far from not taking the medication, the other seemed to have taken a much bigger dose than he should even have been able to, unless...

No, he would not be so stupid would he?

That one look was all he needed to make an instant decision. The other was a loose wire and a dangerous one. As much as it annoyed him to have to do it, he would have to be taken care of, and now.

If the other was watching closely, he might notice a slight change of the Generals expression as he glanced him over more thoroughly from head to toe before finishing his sentance finally.

"If this had happened with witnesses it would have been much harder to hide. At least you had the common sense and decency to not do so when others were around...however..."

The slightest of smiles spread thinly across the pale mans face as his left hand moved to and gripped the hilt of Masamune.

"I am afraid you are a liability at this point in time. The contract needs to become null and void."

He wasn't an idiot, seeing the others posture change so quickly at the point of eye contact, his gaze no obviously sizing the other up as he finished his sentence.


"I am afraid you are a liability at this point in time. The contract needs to become null and void."


"I suppose this has been going further than just ripping up our contract, yes?" He knew that smile anywhere, a more obvious glitter of malice creeping onto his own- the other was sizing him up for an attack, and he wasn't going to take it sitting down. His own hands moved to his holsters, the move almost instinctual, happening more of its own accord than thinking it through, his smile now obviously visible. Like hell he was going down without a fight.

"I do not think my leader would like it if I were to die here General, and I cannot go against my leaders wishes."

The safety was off of both guns quickly the vibration of metal hitting metal inside the gun chassis tangible on the nations fingers, his trigger fingers taking it as a signal to pull up and take the first shots- the silver haired man had already dealt his first hand, and that hand was the first thing he was going for- it looked like a japanese sword, and the Russian knew from experience that they had little to no shielding along the hiltgrip.

He fired, feeling the six shots leave the gun, watching them for a moment before starting to move backwards towards the door- if he could see these things visibly moving towards the other, he had no doubt that the other could too- that was the nice thing about bullets usually, it was hard to dodge what you couldn't see.

He had to get in close, but he wasn't going to just yet- not until the other dropped his weapon.

He could indeed see the bullets, the enhanced senses playing a big role in that, it was something he'd used to his advantage many times in his life already.

"I am afraid your leaders requirements are not of interest to me currently."

He spoke calmly despite the fact that he could hear each bullet fired perfectly. If Ivan were watching closely, he might notice the slight wince the General gave with the first two, until he forced himself to ignore the louder than usual noise, but only if he watched very closely indeed.

The first three seemed to miss him entirely, embedding themselves into the wall behind him, the next three hit the sword exactly centered, the flash and sound of metal against metal each one flying back towards the shooter, Sephiroth himself seeming to be standing perfectly still to the casual viewer, although it would be unlikely that Ivan would not have seen those particular movements.

"Guns. The weapon of the cowards." He spoke softly, but the disgust in his voice was evident.

"I will show you how a true Soldier fights."

He moved silently and catlike, the long blade aiming straight towards the others heart. He was not playing around now, he was moving in for the kill and as quickly as he could. Still,he knew he would have to stay fairly guarded, after all, this man was on an extreme concentration of mako, it would give him the advantage at least until a little of it wore off.
There was... something there- a pause, a grimace for just a fraction of a second, the Russian only catching pat of it as the sound of the guns blazing, each gunshot hitting his eardrums as if he'd just turned his guns onto himself. Jesus, that wasn't smart... But if it was causing discomfort...

He watched the other knock away the bullets, changing their trajectory like a horse tail swatted flies, the Russian hearing himself curse-his guns were only going to benefit him in getting closer- he needed a better weapon, a more comfortable weapon.

"Guns. The weapon of the cowards. I will show you how a true Soldier fights."

"Slander is the revenge of a coward, and dissimulation his defense..." His eyes scanning the room, looking at and trying to configure the layout in his mind. It was just like the room he'd held Becca in, which meant... Somewhere...

Yes, they they were- sinks. The only thing that stood between him and his preferred weapon was his assailant... and he knew a way to at least warrant a few seconds. It wasn't like his ammunition was doing anything otherwise.

"It is better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life."

He raised his guns once more aiming fo the others head before firing another couple of rounds, moving towards the other- if the gunshots themselves were bad, then the high pitched ring from deflecting them would be just as bad, if not worse to the others ears. The Russian had resigned himself to just grit his teeth and bear it, holding his breath in a rush bid to hold his concentration as he lunged forward... Noticing a second to late that the others stance was changing, coiling, the Soldier rushing his prey sword bared...

Shit, he wasn't used to this speed, not yet. He wasn't going to be able to stop.

He brought his arms up quickly, the guns in his grip forming a weak shield infront of his chest, but it was too little too late, the mythril slicing through the gun casings like butter, the best the block did was re-navigate the blades target to his right ventricle rather than his left, the Russian letting out a audible exhale as Masamune was thrust through him, a low audible hiss leaving his lips as he stood dazed in place.

He couldn't even feel the sword, he'd only felt the impact when it went through, even now he could only just feel its presence in his organs, his heartbeat doubled, his breath still held in pierced lungs.

He swallowed audibly, the gesture doing little to stop the blood flow creeping up his throat and starting to bleed through his lips, the nations eyes wide as he looked to the weapon and then to its weilder, his look almost one of confusion.

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"It is better to be a coward for a minute than dead for the rest of your life."

Sephiroth released a sound that could have been a laugh under any other circumstances to that remark. "I should have known that you would have a rebuttal to that. You will make a worthy opponent at least I trust."

Emeralds glittered sharply, his own smile, not faked, but humourless nontheless, it was a cat and mouse game, the only question now was who was the cat and who was the mouse, the cat would take all, the mouse could run and even try to fight, but in the end it would lose.

He could feel the adrenaline racing through his veins in a way that it hadn't since the war in Wutai, this was his moment and every part of him called for the kill.

The other was faster than even he had anticipated, but apparently he was going through the same troubles that Seph himself had at the start, unused to the extra abilities one either overcompensated for them or forgot they were there until it was too late.

He barely even felt any resistance as the sword sliced through both guns and skin, but he was used to that, Masamune was designed to cut through anything, even bone if need be as though it were little more than silk.

He noted the look of confusion, the same look a lot of people had given him during those days, back in his full glory and shook his head slowly.

"As with all, you overestimate your power and you lose. I had thought you would be more of a challenge though."

He pushed the sword in further, his eyes fixed on his opponent.

"I'll make this as quick as I can for you."

His tone was almost bored as he began to lift the sword upwards once it was embedded firmly.
"As with all, you overestimate your power and you lose. I had thought you would be more of a challenge though."

His eyes widened further and pupils started to dilate as he finally started to feel something akin to pain as the sword moved through his body, his eyes never leaving his attacker, almost mesmerised by the emerald of the others iris'.

"I'll make this as quick as I can for you."

"Whu-" he felt himself lifted off his feet, grabbing the blade quickly with both hands, feeling the metal slice through the leather with ease and having a similar effect on his fingers, the Russian hissing as his nerves went into overdrive along his fingertips. He couldn't be pushed down any further, otherwise he'd just be giving Sephiroth more chances to do damnage.

He clenched his teeth as he jerked, his body oddly sluggish to respond, his limbs still drunk on shock to respond straight away. He was more successful the second time round, managing to move further up the blade this time round, his hand moving further up the blade to pull himself upwards. The sword's ridiculous sharpness was something of a good thing here at least- it sunk into his hands easily, but due to the self inflicted attacks having no speed to them , it got caught on the musle, making for surprisingly good leverage.

He continued to pull himself up the blade, his eyes widening and his breathing raspily becomming more audible the further he got up, his speed increasing just as quickly. He wanted to get off this damn blade, and he wanted to get off now.
His eyes widened perceptibly as the Russian continued to actually move, not just twitching as some of his victims did, but actually pulled himself upwards. This was... impossible! The blade was completely through his heart! He should have been dead in seconds even with the mako accounted for!

"What in the name of Jenova are you?"

It was a curse as much as anything as he did the only thing he could think of. This was going to be a much harder challenge than he had originally thought. The blade moved with speed and efficiency and Ivan would find himself literally flung off the blade and against the wall by the sinks.

The boy flung against the sinks, he should have some time at least to reconsider his tactics, he stopped still watching the body warily.
He felt himself flung, a small outcry leaving his lips as he collided with the wall, the large mans body hitting the floor like a stone.

It took him a moment to move once more, but he did, a finger first, then his hand splayed and tensing as he pulled himself to his knees and then his feet with the help of the sink jutting out closest to him, his head lowered as he looked down to his coat- the coat's tanned fabric cloyed with crimson and the star so proudly displayed on its breast marred, the blade having passed through it as easily as it had everything else, the gold plated adornment almost wrenched in two.

"You have destroyed my star... That was not very nice teacher... That was not very nice at all."

His head stayed lowered, a condescending tsk leaving his lips, a slit and bloody finger wagging in conjunction, the tattered shreds of leather barely holding on. His head finally rose, the expression on his face something indescribable- he looked as if he had just been pushed over the line of indsanity, his smile almost ear to ear, his pupils pinpoint- but he wasn't, and it was obvious that he was still fully in control of himself. Almost in too much control of himself.

"I do not care about myself.." His hand went under his jacket, a dull, squelching sound emanating from underneath, the mystery sound not hidden for long as he withdrew his hand "But attacking the pride of my people? This is something not forgivable."

His heart pulsated in his hand, spluttering as it bled, the ventricle oozing from its wound. But it was still beating, it was still beating strong, the Russian giving it a look that imitated fondness before looking back to the other "...It is time to fight seriously, дa?"

His voice had dropped in pitch, his tone taking an audibly dangerous lull, the Russian slowly moving towards the sink, his face still unchanged and his back never to the other. The sink should be safe enough for his heart so he placed it there gently, almost like a mother to her child, before looking to his side obviously, twisting quickly to grab the piping of the next sink over and wrenching it from it's supports, his posture relaxing now the cool metal was resting in his fingertips, pointing the faucet at his opponent.

"I will show you the might of Russia."
"You have destroyed my star... That was not very nice teacher... That was not very nice at all."

There was no chance in Odin that the male should be even concious, never mind talking and moving like that, this was incredible, that the mako should have had this much of an effect on what was essentially just another human.

What happened next though defied all belief, and any lesser person might have been driven insane. The man literally held what seemed to be his own heart in his hands. He recognised the organ from the biology lessons he had been forced to attend as a child, but this just... well, even a simpleton knew this was not a viable thing to be happening. It just... wasn't!

"...It is time to fight seriously, дa?"

His eyes narrowed into thin slits, now he was annoyed. Whatever this creature was, it was no more human than he was, and as such it needed to be eliminated and fast, Sephiroth watched warily as the faucet was removed from its rightful place and held like a toy in his opponents hands.

"I will show you the might of Russia."

Now all bets were off. The general shuddered slightly, his gaze growing brighter, a look of pain crossing his features, this was nothing to do with sound or light though, it seemed to come from within.

"Then..let us play... for keeps."

His entire body tensed, although there was pain, there was also excitement in his tone and voice, it had been a while since this had been needed, longer still since he had even considered trying.

Skin and leather tore at the same time, blood racing through his veins and with the back ripping open at the shoulder blade feathers could be seen. He knew the whole process took mere seconds, yet it always felt like hours to him, still, if he was to defeat this particular opponent... those seconds were vital.

The wing itself spanned out to full length even as he gripped the hilt of Masamune, the sword rising above his head, the wing moving to a backwards position to give him the wind resistance he would need for this.

"Prepare to acknowledge the defeat of your precious Russia!"

He literally flew forwards, bringing the sword downwards at the same time towards the other, directly between neck and shoulder on the right hand side, the side that Ivan seemed to be using as the dominant hand to hold the faucet, the blade itself seeming to light on fire at the same time. Even if he missed by any chance the other expecting the attack, there was a good chance the fire would catch him, that was Sephiroth's reasoning at any rate.
"Prepare to acknowledge the defeat of your precious Russia!"

His face feel quickly when he saw the movement, not out of fear but almost out of retaliation to the others words, moving quickly to dodge- but not quickly enough to escape injury. it was almost an out of body experience for the Russian, waching his as his arm, faucet and all, fall to the floor with a thud, his fingers still tensing visibly around the pipework. He'd gotten away with just shy of the top of his arm left, but there was little there but some seared muscle and blistered tissue, the flame too much of a flash burst to set his clothes alight.

Thank goodness Francis had washed it- otherwise he could have been up in flames... Not that he hadn't dealt with that before.

The other mans words were still ringing in his ears, his lips twisting once more into that condescending empty smile.

"Defeat Russia? Teacher- you have to beat him first~"

He'd barely finished his words before he jumped back, away from his severed limb and away from his attacker, his eyes heavy lidded as he started to speak once more, his words somehow echoing in the classroom, the tone of a bell.

"Koru koru koru... Koru koru koru..."

It would have been laughable if the feel of the air hadn't become burdened, the temperature plummeting tangibly in the air, dropping further and further the hevier and heavier the chanting became, the air shifting around the russian, the heat of his breath swirling and eddying around him the airs condensation starting to form... something behind him.

It was a man, a ghost perhap, as his feet were by no means visible dressed in a garb that, even to someone ignorant of the Russian's culture, it appeared ancient, a sword vested in his hand as he loomed, apparently waiting for a word, a command from the younger looking man in front of him, his expression void and dead. An icy gale had picked up in the room almost directed at Sephiroth, as if the entity's iced gaze commanded it so. It was bitter and deadening.

"Sephiroth-" The Russian'ssmile was almost poisonous "Meet MY General..." He turned to the wraith behind him, his smile coaxed into one of gratitude, though his eyes matched his soldiers continunig to do so as he looked towards Sephiroth and gave his command.

"General Winter, show him the frozen hell of Siberia!!"

The action was immediate, the wraith's mottled cloak flailing open, sword outstretched as something akin to a blizzard erupted from within it, the wholeroom filled with a wailing sleet and hail, the ice twisting with the localised winds in a frozen typhoon, enveloping the room, the screams of the wind and perhaps even of the general himself carrying themselves with ferocity on the eddying tides.

This wasn't the Russian's idea for a fun time either, but no one mocked him. No one. Sephiroth would find this out very, very painfully if all ended the way the Russian wanted it to, the Russian now prying the faucet from his now quickly freezing limb, pointing at Sephiroth one more.

"'Prepare to acknowledge the defeat of your precious Russia!'?" His words carried an obnoxiously bubbly laughter, the same indescribable look creeping along his face as he lunged forward.

"You have to BEAT HIM to defeat him General!!"
The chant was bizarre and Sephiroth might have paid more attention to that if it hadn't been for the drop in temperature, that and the sudden appearance of the man. Not even the General himself could prevent the shudder that ran down his entire body at both the sight of this thing that could nto possibly exist and the severe chill that permeated the very air of the building.

"Meet MY General..."

He wasn't fooled by the smile, but he was also unable to move just yet, even to attack. He could feel the ice in his veins even before the actyual attack itself.

"General Winter, show him the frozen hell of Siberia!!"

Shit... this.. this wasn't even possible. Even he didnt' have this level of power over any element, let alone a summon, and this could only be a summon considering what was happening. He had thought the ice summon was a female, going by the name of Shiva, but Russia seemed to have it's own.

"You have to BEAT HIM to defeat him General!!"

"Then I will."

The words were forced out, but Sephiroth had not gone up against tough enemies before, he focussed hard, the wing on his back spanning out to fullest length possible in this room, as if to draw the attack elsewhere.
Flames as small as they might still be thanks to the bitter cold raced around the entirety of Sephiroth's body.

"You will -both- fall."

He pointed with his right index finger, one second standing where he was, the next behind the old man and Ivan, the blade slicing out at waist level for Ivan, he didn't particularly care where it hit on the man, if he could bring him down he would.
"You will -both- fall."

The Russian couldn't hold back his laughter as his opponent spoke, the laugh just bordering on hysterical as he watched the other ready and attack, or at least seem to, dissapearing before he struck.

Then again, he'd already played this trick- he was just doing it quicker this time. How fast could this man move? It was nothing short of amazing in any case... But it had taken some time, the Soldier having trouble to accustom himself to the temperature perhaps?

He had found his foothold.

He spun on his heel as he heard movement behind him, the blade of masamune blocked by the blade of his general, the frozen steel on the others sword visible from the moisture that rose into the air, the Russian seeing opportunity while the other was thwarted.

"General!!" His comrade-in-arms heeded the unspoken command, the faucet in the Russians hands frosting, ice blistering and almost erupting over its frame work, that same biting ice making a beeline for the flame wielders skull in a heavy blow as his summoned aid held the others weapon steady.

Where ever he decided to defend, he would end up getting injured. It was just down to which part of his body he'd prefer to be hit.

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Caught! This had to be the first time he hadn't succeeded in fooling his opponent long enough to at least get another hit in before the fight continued.

He could feel the faucet coming even before it swung any further towards him than being lifted upwards, he was that sensitive to the cold itself. Emerald green flickered sharply as he acknowledged his choice, a wry smile curving his lips upwards.


Only the one word as he braced himself removing the obstacle from the Generals sword to block the blow to the head, frankly he preferred the idea of a wound to the midsection over the idea of a blow to the head with that particular instrument of destruction.

He swallowed hard, but glad for the thickness of his coat, he knew the bruising would show even with his healing abilities so...

Right hand clenched into a fist aiming straight for the puppet masters head in response, if he coudl knock him out, the other would presumably disappear also, just as all summons did when the summoner could no longer command them.
He saw the sword enter the other mans stomach, his own weapon blocked by the others in a bid to protect his head. He didn't fault the other- afterall, he would have probably done the same in the same circumstances.

It was then that he saw the others fist, the punch already too far in it's kinetic course to dodge as it went for his face, the Russian grunting as he took the hit. He winced as he felt leather on his face, a loud crack coming from his nose as the hit connected, the Russian falling back, dazed for a few seconds, but not outed, the frozen General finsihed his attack, pulling away and blotting the wall with mako-tainted blood with a quick flick of the blade, the sword sheathed once more.

He'd drawn blood again. The BASTARD had drawn blood again and so far he'd drawn none... That was going to change.

He rushed forward, putting as much speed into his dash as possible, the faucet held almost like a sword as he rushed, bringing it up and bringing it down when the other came into his immediate view.

"SUBMIT ALREADY!!" His cry was more out of frustration than actual order, trying for another strike.
Sweet Jenova that actually hurt more than he had planned... he could feel the cut, and the chill on the blade hadn't helped any either, still, he managed to connect his attack, knocking the other backwards. Not out cold like he had hoped but still.. it was a start.

What he hadn't taken into consideration of course was the fact that this would piss Ivan off even more.


He saw it coming moments to late to actually respond, it was almost like his own reactions were... slowed? No! Impossible! But... with the cold in his veins now he was feeling more sluggish than normal.

A sharp shout of pain as the faucet actually connected, causing him to step backwards in response in an attempt to get away from it.

"No. I wont' submit to the likes of you."

His own voice was low, more of a growl than the usual calm tone he used in every day situations. He swallowed softly, he hadn't wanted to use this but...

Mako in his eyes flashed sharply, the smile returning as he looked straight at Ivan. The first thing to do was to put him off guard. Of course, actually setting fire to the building wasn't an option, everyone from miles around would come running... but what if no one came? What if it was only illusion?

It had been a while since he had been forced into this but he still knew how, and right now it seemed a very viable path to take.

Fire began to rise upwards, the heat enough to melt metal never mind the wood of the door that was closed on them.

"You're coming down with me.."

His voice was calmer now, as though he was warm, indeed, the warmth could be felt by both of them, screams seeming to come from the very room itself and the rooms from below them also, as if the entire building were now alight.

The mako flickered even sharper as Sephiroth began to walk towards Ivan, his face impassive.

"You were a worth opponent but it ends now... ice can always be beaten with fire...it merely melts, is useless... do you not understand?"

Of course, this was going to take it's toll on Sephiroth, he knew that, but he only needed to get close enough to use Masamune to remove the others head. Even if he lived still, without being able to see or think, he would be more than useless and it would be possible to dispose of him.

He continued walking forwards even as the flames rose higher, the door falling in on itself, the wallpaper beginning to crack and peel, then turn black as the room began to become something akin to a furnace.

Of course, since Sephiroth knew it was mere illusion, he could still feel the cold, but he had had to act since young, he knew the importance that this act not fail... even through the pain he had to seem unbothered, undamaged...Ivan had to fall for this or he was in even worse danger than before...
"No. I wont' submit to the likes of you."

The Russian suddenly felt it- the heat as the room seemingly burst into flames, taking a few steps back and shielding him, a cry of surprise and discomfort leaving his lips as he did so. He took a step back for every step forward the other took, until his back was to the flames, feeling sweat pooling under his coat and dripping down his face.

How had he done that!? He couldn't be this powerful... There was no way in hell!

Something wasn't right, and he knew it, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He had little time to do so, feeling himself wooze with the heat, falling his haunches, his knee coming out in front of him to hold him steady. It was so hot... So very hot...

"You were a worth opponent but it ends now... ice can always be beaten with fire...it merely melts, is useless... do you not understand?"

He looked up to the other, blinking obviously as sweat dripped from his brow and around his eyes tangibly, his fringe sticking to his forehead. He couldn't be finished here... He was Russia- he had a hunch that Sephiroth wasn't going to just throw him away once this fight was over, not now that'd he'd proven he was so obviously unhuman.

He closed his eyes a severe bout of dizziness hit him- this fire was so hot...

It was just like before- back in Moscow when France had done his damnedest to invade for his beloved Napoleon. He didn't blame the other for doing this, in fact he was almost obliged to tip his hat to him- it took desperation to do this, to burn yourself up... Feeling this heat, choking on the acrid smoke that smothered your lungs...

Except... There was no acrid smoke, there wasn't even a scent in the air- the Russian could sense that now he had his eyes closed. The heat was real, yes- there was no doubt about that... But he wasn't so sure on the fire anymore.

It could have just been burning so strongly that it didn't produce smoke but...

No, if that were the case he wouldn't still be able to feel his heart in the sink, the organ uncomfortable but still very much there. This was a farce, it had to be.

He Russian grit his teeth, his face turning to one of rage, his fist clenching visibly, empty from dropping the faucet that he had recently believed was melting in his hands, the fist moving with unbridled rage to the wound that General Winter had just given him before.

"Do NOT toy with me!!" His words were screamed out with frustration, the heat more than enough to add a breathless slur

"How DARE you treat me for a FOOL!!!"

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So close... he had been so close to victory, but something had tipped the other off. It was perhaps his own arrogance that led to this, he had been so certain of his illusion, that it was perfect, just as he had recalled from all those years ago. Even as he watched the others face turn from panic to rage he could not tell what he had missed, had no way of knowing about the connection with the organ that was no longer within the Russian's body.

The attack came from nowhere almost, and as much effort as it had taken him to keep the illusion up, the moment the fist connected, it vanished, the chill taking over the air once more, he was almost numb, not quick enough to avoid the attack as he normally would have.

The blow to the wound that was already trying to heal forced him backwards once more, the sword dropping from his hands, the wing seeming to fold around the General.

"I... won't.. Lose..."

He was already losing, but he refused to admit this, forcing himself to continue breathing. He couldn't lose. He could not be defeated. He was the Perfect SOLDIER. Perfect!

He aimed a blow at the Russian with his left fist, yet even as he did so he was aware that he was moving too slowly, he had to stop this frost... this unending attack of ice. But.. how?

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The General's moves were sluggish as he went for a punch, the Russian dodging and landing on of his own, the sweat on his body cooling quickly with the change in temperature. He aimed another hit at his opponent, hoping this would knock him down long enough to put him down for good.

His hit wasn't too powerful though, the Russian holding back as more insights and notions came to mind, his mind working faster than his body, his body- however drunk on shock and mako it was, was still suffering- if this wasn't killing Ivan, then there was no way on Gods green earth it was killing Sephiroth- he'd need to him hit faster, stronger...

He jumped back, grabbing the faucet and lunging with an unsuppressed scream- half from exertion and half to rile himself up enough to carry out what he was planning, running at the other with the faucet.

He needed to end this soon... He just had to figure out a way of doing it. Permanently.

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The second hit when it came seemed weaker somehow, was something tiring the other out also? Sephiroth could only hope so. This fight wasn't over yet. Not in any shape or form. He frowned moving backwards, not even realising he was moving towards the window.

The next move was what sent him moving faster though, an effort get away from the weapon, of all things he had ever forseen having him backing away, a simple tap was not one of them. This was...insanity to say the least, absolute insanity!

Still, there was no way he could stay standing after a blow from that and well did he know it, something told him, if he went down, even once, everything would be over.

So busy keeping an eye on the Russian was he that he didn't even notice how close he was to the window until felt cold glass against the tear in the coat, by which point he was already at a dead end, he was more interested in getting away now though, he knew he could survive the fall a lot easier than a blow from that, he kept going, maybe the other would give up if he thought he would die from the fall?
He moved closer to the Soldier, the faucet still brandished like a club as he did so, every step forward heavy as he thought of a way to get rid of once and for all.

He saw the other hesitate, noting where he had cornered himself also, a sick smile crossing his lips, his footfalls quickly gaining pace as he rushed once more, the sharp forced edge of the piping in front of him, held in tightly, the grip like one would use for a javelin, the sharpened edge aimed for a very specific place, his body hunched into a shoulder.

The sound of the glass shattering around them was almost like a chime, it barely registered to him as the two of them made their way through the opening out into the outside air. For a moment he took his eyes off the other as he was distracted, the glass falling around them visible, catching the light and colours of the sky above them, before looking back to the man whose heart he had just perforated with old frozen steel.

He watched the others face, barely registering the ground very quickly closing the distance between them quickly, watching the others eyes with a look of something almost akin to intimacy, the Russian wanting little more than to see the life leave the others eyes as the man beneath him hit the snow steeped tarmac.
He barely noticed the faucet even as it hit him, he wasn't expecting it, and the cold numbed the area before he could really register the pain. This was perhaps a mercy as it certainly didn't kill him even as they hit the ground, the sharpened point effectively pinning him to the ground. Unable to brace himself as he would have normally for this kind of landing, this was when he registered both the pain and the fact that moving was not an option.

However, there was a chance the other would believe him dead maybe? He closed his eyes, trying to slow his breath down to a minimum however much he could feel each breath harshly in his throat, the mako at least working to heal the wound although annoyingly it was around the object that had him pinned. Any movement at all and he knew he was in trouble if he couldn't remove it in one go.

He had to wait for the other to leave, hopefully soon for medical help. Then he would be able to pull it out. For the moment though he had to try and keep his hands still and flat, as though he were dying, as any normal person would do in such a situation.
At that point, if he had been thinking clearly, he would have stopped and possibly walked away, giving the man a chance to get up and limp away like the lost cause he would be... But he wasn't thinking clearly, not anymore.

He had to make a statement- this bastard thought of him as a lesser being, obviously, as second-rate. That was unforgivable, to be treated as a joke by this... this...

His breathing was heavy, his limbs heavy as the adrenaline in his system rushed to his head, only adding to the high he was on before racing back to his extremities, his fingers gripping onto that faucet once more, watching with a dilated perception as the skin around that wound healed before his eyes, amethyst surrounding pinpoints as his grip tightened on the steel.

"I told you-" He pulled the faucet upwards with a heavy yank "-Not to treat me like a FOOL!!"

The faucet was re-administered through the quickly healing wound, this time not as forcefully the other mans slow heartbeat vibrating through the metal. The nation's face softened for a moment, now over the other in a straddling motion, pinning the General to the floor with his weight.

"Come now General-" His voice was just a note above a condescending coo "-I am knowing that your heart can be beating faster than this... Perhaps I should be giving it a hand, yes~?"

His hand moved up the pipe to the faucet handle, giving it a quick yank to right, though all he got was a low muffled gurgle, the Russian's face falling visibly. This bastard was purposefully trying to spoil his fun...

But it wasn't as if he was going to succeed.

The Russian bent back a little, supporting himself on the lodged piping as he brought his lips to the opening in the pipework, taking a deep inhalation inwards to start the suction, giving the tap another twist as he did so. It took a minute or so, but the Russian finally coaxed the others vital fluids to alter their course, his gag reflex coming into play as he got a mouth full of it, half swallowing half spitting the others blood onto the snow.

What was that? Was that blood? It didn't matter, not really, the Russian's lips already back to the faucet, savouring the successful blood-letting as it coursed down his throat. It wasn't blood, it was something else... it was something... something good.

"You held out..." His voice was just above a laugh, a whispered noise of mirth, intoxicated on the other man's mako-infused entirety. "You were holding out on me... still holding out on me after all this time..."

The blood had stopped flowing now, the Russian giving an inebriated look to his weapon before plucking it like a feather from the others body with ease, no longer caring that the wound was or wasn't healing. He took his straddling position once more, giving the man as obvious a salute as he could with the faucet in hand, raising it above his head before he started what was to be his final onslaught.

"Goodbye General. You were, truly, a man worthy of your title, yes? It was an honour."

With that the faucet once again plunged into the other man's heart, the Russian repeating the motion over and over again, each time the faucet moving only a fraction so the Russian could survey the damage, and how quickly it healed. He wouldn't stop until the other stopped, and it looked like they were both going to be playing this game for a while to come.